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Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning (QCVML)

Seminar – Winter Semester 23/24

Organiser: Dr. Vladislav Golyanik

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Expressibility and entangling capability of parameterized
quantum circuits for hybrid quantum-classical algorithms

Sim et al., 2019

Format: Summary

The seminar is structured in two parts and each student selects a topic with two papers. Part one includes a written report about the selected topic and reviewing of reports by other students (during the period of six weeks). Part two encompasses students' presentations with discussions (during the period of seven weeks).

  • Structure of presentations:

  • Format: Details

    Part 1: Initial Written Report (20% of grade)

    The seminar starts with a written report on the chosen topic. This report should summarise the theoretical foundations for both works and the main ideas of the accompanying papers, and critically analyze the limitations of the works. In addition, participants should develop and sketch their own idea of how to address one specific shortcoming. The report should include the theoretical part (up to two pages), explain both papers with connections to them (3-4 pages) and conclusion (one page).

    Part 2: Report Reviewing (10% of grade)

    Once the written reports are submitted, the reviewing phase will begin. Each student will review up to three reports submitted by other students following the pre-defined reviewer form. Next, the reviews are provided to the authors. The mutual feedback among students should help to improve the written report and help in preparing a strong presentation.

    Part 3: Presentation (40% of grade)

    Finally, each selected topic is presented following the predefined structure. The duration of each talk is 35 minutes + 10 minutes for questions and a discussion.

    Presentation grading criteria:

    Part 4: Discussions and Final Report Submission (30% of grade)

    We also mark your participation in the discussion. After the main seminar appointments, each student will have to submit a revised report taking into account the reviews of the initial report and feedback for the presentation. Hence, we also grade the improvements in the report after the feedback rounds. Template: TBA

    Report grading criteria: