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Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning (QCVML)

Seminar – Winter Semester 23/24

Organiser: Dr. Vladislav Golyanik

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QCNNs Meli_etal
Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks, Nature Physics, 2019 An Iterative Quantum Approach for Transformation Estimation From Point Sets, CVPR, 2022

Materials (Slides and Videos)

  • How to Read Academic Papers, 2023
  • How to Give a Good Talk, 2023
  • Report Template
  • Quantum Machine Learning, State of the Art and Future Directions (by Federal Office for Information Security)
  • Video: Introduction to Quantum Annealing with Opportunities and Challenges in Computer Vision
  • Video: Quantum Approaches in Shape Analysis
  • Video: Quantum Computing for Robust Fitting