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Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning (QCVML)

Seminar – Winter Semester 23/24

Organiser: Dr. Vladislav Golyanik

Free places available! You are free to attend the frist lecture on Nov 2nd.

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QSync QuMoSeg
Quantum Permutation Synchronisation
CVPR, 2021
Quantum Motion Segmentation
ECCV, 2022


The seminar targets computer science students (mathematics and physics students are welcome to attend). Knowledge of linear algebra and optimisation (B.Sc. level) and some experience with visual computing (e.g., accomplished courses/seminars in image processing and computer graphics) is a requirement. While the seminar assumes an interest in learning quantum computational paradigms, knowledge of quantum computing and quantum physics is not a prerequisite (the necessary notions will be conveyed and acquired during the seminar).


Free places available! You are free to attend the frist lecture on Nov 2nd.
If have questions, please contact us at golyanik@mpi-inf.mpg.de


To register your interest, please visit the Seminar Assignment System of UdS (Winter 2023/2024).

Please note that the number of available presentation slots is limited to 10. This seminar will take place if at least 4 participants have registered.


Format: Only in person.
Time: Thursdays, 14:15 – 15:45 p.m.
Location: E 1 5 Room 630.
November 2nd: Introduction and Presentation of Topics.
November 9th: Details of the Format (reading academic papers and giving presentations).
December 4th: Students' Reports due.
December 14th: Reviews by the Students due.
December 21nd – February 8th: Seminar talks by participants (up to 5 appointments with two presentations per each).